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Nancy Pollock

47 Bret Harte Road

San Rafael, CA 94901








Nancy Pollock Art 47 Bret Harte Road San Rafael, CA 94901  rtcfrtz@aol.com 415/ 721-7752; 414/ 686-0072 Nancypollockart.com

Making art is about process.  Mastery requires commitment to practice.  Achievement is an ongoing cycle of realization, refinement and the instinctive application of materials and craft.  My process recalls an early hands-on approach to art via graphic design.  I work large, so that I can work small, and vice versa.  I use many mediums: oils, acrylics, encaustics, charcoals, pastels, markers, leads, etc.  In combination or alone, these keep me loose and fresh, constantly revisiting and refining my process.  Nothing is sacred – what is done can be undone.  In doing so, revisiting work over time allows me

to “change my mind”.  The result nearly always makes the pieces I revisit even better and more meaningful.

Please, have a look at my website.  I would love to hear any comments you want to share.

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